January 6, 2005

The U.S. run is winding down while international screenings begin to spread. We’re currently in the UK, Japan, Australia and Canada with other markets opening up soon.

So how’d we do? The critics, as you know, seemed pretty enthusiastic. We made a couple of top 10 lists. We’re number 6 for 2004 in New York magazine. We made the top 10 for 2004 on a National Public Radio program called “Fresh Air.” We made top 10 in the San Francisco Guardian. As for the big national press—we’re too small fry for them, I guess. But I’m glad to see at least Dig! And Some Kind of Monstermade a couple of those bigtime lists. That’s good for all of us and the resurgence of the music doc genre. I think we also made it to the top on


It’s coming to the North Americans! Sometime next month (February) Warner Brothers will release the DVD and VHS of End of the Century. The DVD has loads of extras…basically a s***load of great interview stuff (such as a lot more brilliant stuff from Joe Strummer).

Home video in other territories: no news yet. In the UK, Tartan Pictures has the home video rights. I don’t yet know what their plans are. As for Japan, it’s King Records and I’m waiting to hear from them. For Australia, I’m waiting to hear from them as well.


The PBS program Independent Lens will broadcast the film on April 26th, 2005. At first they wanted us to cut it down to 82 minutes or so. We tried but we just thought it compromised the film too much. So, we said it’s all or nothing. After that we figured we’d end up with PBS’s bootprint on our behinds. But, miraculously, they went for it. They even had to preempt Charlie Rose for that night (looks like he ended up with the bootprint on HIS ass). No offense, Charlie, it wasn’t my call. We’re big fans. But you’re only giving up one night out of thousands. So…thank you.

I’ll update this as soon as I hear more news.